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Rainbow wall Art and Decor

I’m a Rainbow Lover <3 I’m not a girly girl…  but it has to be said,  I do love rainbow’s, unicorns and fairies As such, I wanted to do a post entirely devoted to rainbow Decor and rainbow wall art for kids rooms.  One of my favourite ever characters on TV when I was a kid – was Rainbow Brite.  Do you remember her?. Rainbow Brite was somehow such a…

colouring in wall paper

Colouring In Wallpaper

The idea of using colouring in wallpaper in children’s room is a super one. How many times do we tell children to not draw on the walls when they’re little…and how many just go ahead and do it anyway? Why not give them the freedom and expression to make their walls personal to them and colour in their walls as much as they like. You can get some fantastic designs…

Halloween wall decoration ideas

Halloween Wall Decorations! – Halloween Special

Scary Halloween decorations…  I love them!!!  Halloween is one of my favourite times of year and  I actually prefer decorating at Halloween more than I do at Christmas –  my children also feel the same way.  I like to start getting the decorations up as early as possible in early October and I tend to leave them up well into November too!  In fact, we still have a plastic skeleton…


Modern Nursery Art – Book Page Alice in Wonderland Prints!

I’ve long been an Alice in Wonderland fan and have been on the look out for some interesting related nursery wall art.  Today, I discovered some amazing sellers on ETSY  – The first being Fab Funky They have some beautiful handmade artwork.  The artwortk is hand designed and printed onto pages from antiquarian dictionaries from the 1800’s.  They have a huge variety of styles and designs but there were some that I thought would…


How to do Paper Quilling!

  I’ve recently discovered how to do paper Quilling – which is a craft where strips of paper are carefully rolled, folded and curled to create works of art, whether it be on canvas or for creating things such as cards and jewellery.  This can be a really fun craft for kids to learn because, although you can certainly become very skilled at this technique, you can still produce good results…


How To Build A Climbing Wall

The idea of building a climbing wall in my kids bedroom has great appeal.  Creating a fun and engaging space for kids at home, just really speaks to my inner child – everything from slides down the stairs, climbing walls and monkey bars, these are all things that I want!! While I don’t currently have a climbing wall at home, it’s certainly something I’d love and so I have been…