Unicorn themed bedroom ideas!

unicorn themed bedroom ideas

A Unicorn themed bedroom?  Ultimate Magic!

I’m so excited to bring you this post today!

I remember being fixated on unicorns since I first watched the film Legend – remember that dark fantasy with a young tom cruise – back in 1985?  

Well, I do remember being quite frightened by this film in fact, (the bad guy in this is really quite terrifying) but I remember as a child being mesmerised by the Unicorns and how beautiful they looked.

unicorn themed bedroom ideas, legend unicorns

You can actually watch the full length version on YouTube here –I love the fact that I can now share and enjoy the films I loved as a child with my own children too!

In any case, I’ve been thinking about the potential of a unicorn themed bedroom recently, ever since I first discovered some wonderful unicorn fauxidermy wall heads.

So, this post has certainly been quite a long time coming.

Check out some of these Unicorn related products – and let me know what you think.

Unicorn Bedding

unicorn duvet cover

Unicrorn duvet – unicorn related beds are hard to come by, (unless you go for custom made).  But you can certainly accessorise using related themed bedding.

There are some beautiful and realistic choices available.

unicorn duvet cover blue

Blue mystical Unicorn duvet – here is a second duvet, with fluffy clouds and stars.

Unicorn Cushions

Cushions are a great accessory if you’re trying to add more to a themed room – as they don’t cost much but can make a big impact.

Here are some of my favourite unicorn cushions that I have discovered…

unicorn strong pillow

I love this humorous unicorn pillow with the positive message – extra neat with the sweet heart tattoo!  Super Strong Unicorn pillow here!


unicorn Emoj pillow

Gorgeous colourful, rainbow horned unicorn pillow.  Super cute, rainbow unicorn here.

unicorn cat pillow

I couldn’t resist this one… part cat, part unicorn!!  I absolutely love this and any combo unicorn and cat lover would surely feel the same. Check out pusheenicorn pussycat unicorn!

unicorn all I need

Cute cartoon style unicorn with rainbows and “all I need’s a unicorn,” written on the front.  All I Need’s A Unicorn – Here!

unicorn magical

Unicorn head shaped pillow with pink glitter sparkly horn!  I love this one. Unicorn Magical Cushion Here!

unicorn head pillows cushions

Super cute unicorn head pillows, with different coloured hair available – love the big eyelashes!  You could have a whole collection of these.  Cute Unicorn Head Cushions Here!

unicorn light pillow

Super duper Unicorn pillow, with integrated pretty lights – the lights do not warm up and so are safe to keep on!

It would make a great night light for younger children – or simply a cool cushion light for older kids.  Unicorn Magical Light Cushion Here! 

unicorn pug cushion

Last but not least – the unicorn PUG pillow!  If you’re a lover of both pugs and unicorns, (like I am)- then you can’t go wrong with this.

I am also thinking some of these pillows would make great gifts.  Unicorn Pug “Unipug” Cushion Here!

Unicorn Faux Taxidermy Heads

From the highly realistic, to just plain comical.  The range of fauxidermy wall heads on offer now is quite extensive.

A while back, I dedicated a post exclusively to some of these fauxidermy toy heads and there are various animals available – but unicorns really work for this!

With my choices, I’ve gone for the more realistic variety – but ETSY in particular have a very large selection.

Here are some of my favourites….

Unicorn Fauxidermy Heads!

When I first discovered this “fauxidermy,” I wasn’t completely convinced – but they quickly grew on me and I do really like them now.

You can really find some unique pieces now and their popularity seems to be on the rise.

Unicorn Wall Stickers

Don’t forget also to think about Unicorn Wall Stickers as a great option for creating a themed bedroom.

Wall stickers are simple to apply and most can be easily removed without leaving any marks.  Some wall stickers can also be reused!

If your child likes to change the style of their room regularly, using wall stickers provides that opportunity, because they’re affordable and so easy – yet can make a big impact.

I have a relevant post, so check out my wall sticker categories.

Here is one example…

unicorn window wall sticker

I love these open-effect wall stickers, they can create quite an amazing effect for such little effort and cost.  Unicorn window wall Sticker here! 

Unicorn Slippers!

unicorn light up slippers

Well… I couldn’t resist these.  If you’re going to go all out with your unicorn theme…  surely these Unicorn Slippers that LIGHT UP are pretty much an essential item too?

Unicorn Lights!

Giant Unicorn Mood Lamp

unicorn lamp nightlight

I love these beautiful unicorn lamps – giant and small available.

They can change into multiple different colours and also have alternative settings, such as flash or strobe.  Check out the giant unicorn mood lamp! USA

Only Small available currently in the uk!

Or for something more sophisticated….

Unicorn Table Lamp

unicorn table lamp

A beautiful unicorn table lamp (US)  that you only have to tap to switch off! 

Unicorn String Lights

unicorn sting lights

I do love the effect string lights can have in a room, check out these pretty Unicorn string lights here.  I also did a previous post dedicated to string lights here.

Unicorn Bed!

unicorn bed, unicorn themed bedroom

Ok…. so, this one may be a little, (or a lot) over the top.  But it’s pretty impressive as kids beds go.   (source)

I’m sure it would be many a little girls dream. 🙂

Depending on your child’s age, whether preschool or teen, there is certainly scope for creating a unicorn themed bedroom – I hope this post inspired you to get started on your own project.

Are you a big Unicorn fan too, as well as your child?  Then it makes it all the more fun buying things for them doesn’t it?

Leave me a comment below and if you enjoyed this post, please share with your friends via the social icons.

All the best…. 🙂

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  1. I didn’t know there were so many unicorn items out there. And these actually look top quality. We are trying to do something special for my daughter, for her birthday. These are great ideas. And I don’t have to have unicorns popping up all over my browser history… I might even snag that Pug unicorn pillow for myself. Thanks for the info!

    1. Hey there, thanks for your comment. I’m pretty found of the “unipug” myself lol… I hope you find something for your daughter. 🙂

  2. I think that unicorn bed is pretty much any little girls fantasy! If I could fit in it…and I was single…it might be my fantasy too 😉
    My sister was really into unicorns when we were kids – she would love this post, I’ll be sure to pass it on!

  3. unicorns are awesome i personally would not have them as my bedroom theme as i am a guy. but unicorns are wicked awesome cool. if only they existed 🙁 i really love this post though. it has given me some great ideas for my daughters room as she is due soon. although i am sure my wife has plans of her own for it haha great post

    1. Hi thanks for your comment! 🙂 You’re welcome, I hope you have fun decorating your daughters bedroom.

  4. Hi Natalie,

    These unicorn-based bedroom items are not something I’ve came across especially lamps and string lights. Actually, these items are the ones I would like to single out as being the most appealing. Well, not for me but for my nieces. She is a toddler and I would to show these to her. Well, if I show the whole post, I think she is drawn more into the unicorn pillows because of their cheerful and friendly-oriented expression.

    1. Hey there – yes Unicorns are extremely popular. The pillows you mentioned are really popular as well, people love them – and so do I! 🙂 I hope your niece sees something she likes. Thanks for your comment!

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