Chalkboard Wall Stickers!

Chalkboard Wall Stickers = AWESOME!

I always wanted a chalkboard when I was a kid – but resulted on drawing on the pavement outside!  But how about a chalkboard wall?!  

That’s super cool.  Check out some of these chalkboard wall stickers that you can get….

Chalkboard Wall Sticker

chalkboard wall sticker

This stuff is awesome – you can create a whole wall with it.  You just peel and stick it to the wall and you’re done!  You can also remove it without damaging your wall at all.

  • Free gifts included: 1 liquid white chalk pen and set of 5 chalks!
  • Wipe clean.
  • Each roll is 43 x 200cm.
  • Free delivery with orders over £20.
  • Peel & Stick blackboard sticker.

Chalkboard Rocket Wall Sticker

chalkboard rocket wall sticker

Great having these chalkboards in fun shapes too, great for adding to a playroom.  A simple and cost effective way to add the fun of a chalkboard to a room without needing much space!

Chalkboard Easel Wall Sticker

chalkboard easel wall sticker

Well, you may not be able to fit an easel into your child’s bedroom – but you can certainly stick it to the wall!  I love this!

Chalkboard Giraffe Wall Sticker

chalkboard giraffe wall sticker

This is adorable.  A great way to measure your kids height as they get taller!  You can choose from a variety of colours.

Robot Chalkboard Wall Sticker

robot chalkboard wall sticker

A very cute Robot!   Easy to apply and remove no problem

Chalkboard Mountain Wall Sticker

mountain chalkboard wall sticker

A super sized wall sticker, which would look stunning!

Spaceship Chalkboard Wall Sticker

spaceship wall sticker

Another spaceship wall sticker, but this one is considerably better!  This would be great in a space themed bedroom.   You should also check out our space wall stickers.

Castle Chalkboard Wall Sticker

castle chalkboard wall sticker

A gorgeous handcrafted sticker in the shape of a castle!

Cow Chalkboard Wall Sticker

cow chalkboard wall sticker

A jolly, happy cow – this would make a cute addition to your kids playroom

Tic Tac Toe Chalkboard Wall Sticker

tic tac toe wall sticker

A wall sticker that also doubles up as a game is a great idea.  Our kids love tic tac toe – but we actually call it “noughts and crosses.”

  • Several sizes available to suit your spaace – small to extra large depending!
  • 9 different colours to choose from.
  • 2 pieces of chalk included.
  • Tic Tac Toe Wall sticker.


I will add more chalkboard wall stickers as I find them, let me know if you discover any great ones.

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