Rainbow Wall Stickers!

Magical Rainbow Wall Stickers!

I’ve recently completed a post dedicated to Rainbow wall art and decorations – as you can see here.  I thought it was about time I added a page dedicated to rainbow wall stickers too!  So, here is a variety of some of the best rainbow wall stickers I discovered on the web.

I hope you find something you’re looking for, let me know if there is a particular style you’ve been searching for!


Rainbow Fabric Wall Decal

rainbow fabric wall decal

  • Handmade fabric wall decal.
  • Removable, reusable and non-toxic wall stickers.
  • This decal comes with one sun and a variety of four clouds in different sizes.
  • Ships from California USA to:  USA, Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, United kingdom
  • Brilliant for kids rooms and nurseries.
  • Dimensions available, small and large.  main rainbow being either 36 x 14.5 inches or 50 x 20 inches
  • Fabric Rainbow Wall Sticker – Check Details 


Rainbow fabric wall sticker

rainbow long

Large half rainbow fabric wall sticker, with cloud details.

Rainbow Fairy Rainbow Wall Sticker

rainbow lovely sticker

Perfect for a girl who loves rainbows and fairies, ideal for your child’s room or nursery,  Lovely detailing with the little butterflies and fairy.

  • Handmade item.
  • Ships worldwide from California, USA.
  • Made from quality Vinyl.
  • Instructions and free application tool.
  • Dimensions:  four different sizes available.  26 x 16 inches, 38 x 24 inches, 51 x 31 inches, 64 x 39 inches.
  • Rainbow Fairy Wall Sticker – Check Details 


Rainbow and Stars Wall Sticker

Rainbow and stars

A very pretty rainbow wall sticker with an abundance of colourful stars.

Magical Rainbow Wall Sticker

rainbow wall sticker1

A lovely rainbow and stars wall sticker, perfect for a nursery.


Rainbow Unicorn Wall Sticker

unicorn rainbow wall sticker

A lovely combo of a unicorn and rainbow wall sticker!  Colourful and vibrant!

Window Effect Rainbow Wall Sticker 

open window rainbow

Open window effect rainbow sticker with cloud, sky and poppy detailing.


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