Lego Wall Stickers

Fantastic Lego Wall Stickers!

Lego is simply iconic – but with the rise of the main Lego movie, as well as Lego video games and so forth, the Lego industry has been given a massive boost.    Lego deserves major recognition, but the movie in addition, was fantastic and an awesome showcase for Lego in all it’s brilliance. Naturally, I had to include some Lego wall art stickers in our category list and there are some great ones available!


Cracked wall effect Lego Movie Wall Sticker

Lego wall sticker cracked

Runnnnn…..The cracked wall effect wall stickers definitely make a big impact!  This one is great, as it includes some of the great characters from the Lego Movie.

  • Good quality vinyl, tear resistant.
  • removable but not reusable.
  • full instructions included.
  • Dimensions – 70 x 78 cm
  • Lego Movie Wall Sticker

Cracked wall effect Lego Batman Wall Sticker

Lego batman wall sticker

Awesome Lego Batman wall sticker with smashed wall effect.  You can also see some additional characters in there, like the Joker and Robin!

  • Colour printed Vinyl
  • Dimensions – large wall sticker:  80cm x 58cm and Small: 50cm  x 36cm
  • full instructions included
  • Lego Smashed Wall Wall Sticker


Cracked Wall Effect Lego Blocks Wall Sticker

lego wall sticker

Colourful Lego wall sticker with “broken wall” effect.


Lego Tetris Style Wall Sticker

lego tetris wall sticker

I love that this Lego sticker resembles the Tetris game!  A reminder for me of my first games console – the classic original Gameboy!

  • Handmade Item
  • reusable and removeble
  • various sizes available
  • ships worldwide from California
  • They can customize any order.
  • Lego Tetris Effect Sticker


Window Effect Lego Movie Wall Sticker 

lego movie etsy

A really cool Lego Movies “window effect” wall sticker.  It show Emmet and his friends running from the chaotic action caused by president business, seemingly into your bedroom through your wall!


Cracked wall Star Wars Lego Wall Sticker

lego star wars wall sticker

A Lego Star Wars themed wall sticker this time, again with  that popular “broken wall” effect.  Yoda looks extremely cute in this one.

  • Quality vinyl
  • Easy to apply and can be removed, but not reusable.
  • Instructions included.
  • Dimensions – Large, 70cm x 110cm.
  • Lego Star Wars Wall Sticker

Evolution of Man Lego Wall Sticker

lego evolution of man wall sticker

Amusing and fun, a wall sticker showing the evolution of a lego man!  I love this.  Various colours available, so you can customise the item.