Disney wall stickers

Awesome Disney Wall Stickers!

If your child is a Disney fan, stocking up on some Disney wall stickers means you can regularly update their bedroom depending on their favourite Disney film of the moment.  A big favourite of my children’s is Toy Story! …But really, their favourite Disney film changes regularly!  So, it’s fortunate that wall stickers are so cost effective.

Below are a range of various Disney Wall stickers, I hope you find one that your child will love!  Enjoy!

Bambi Window-effect Wall Sticker

bambi wall sticker

A gorgeous Disney Bambi wall sticker with open-window effect.

  • High grade vinyl wall sticker
  • Easy to apply/remove but not reusable
  • Full instructions included
  • Dimension – 106 x 60cm
  • Bambi Sticker – Full Details


Toy Story Wall Sticker Selection


Great Toy Story wall sticker selection, which actually contains 34 stickers.

Disney Princess Wall Sticker Selection

princess wall sticker

A large selection of Disney Princess Wall Stickers.

  • Easy to apply and move around.
  •  Re-positionable and reusable.
  • Quality Vinyl.
  • There are 37 wall stickers in total.
  • Stickers ranging from 2.5cm wide x 4cm high to 20.5cm wide x 28.5cm high.
  • Disney Princess Wall Stickers – Check Details

Disney Character Wall Sticker

micky wall sticker

Cute Disney characters wall sticker, including Donald, Goofy, Mickey and Pluto.

Disney Cars Wall Sticker Selection

cars wall stickers

Some awesome CARS wall stickers.

Disney Minnie Mouse Wall Sticker

minnie mouse wall sticker

A cute Minnie mouse wall sticker.


Disney Castle Open-window Effect Wall Sticker

disney castle wall sticker

A realistic Disney castle window wall sticker – it will look as though the Disney castle is just outside of your child’s room.


Monsters Inc Open-Door Wall Sticker

monsters inc wall sticker

A great Monsters Inc wall sticker, with a 3D realistic open door effect.

Tinkerbell Open Window-effect Wall Sticker

tinkerbell wall sticker

Pretty Tinkerbell wall sticker, with window effect.


Disney Peter Pan Open-Window Effect Wall Sticker

Peter pan open wall sticker

Super Peter Pan wall sticker, with open window effect and Big Ben!


Peter Pan Wall Sticker

peter pan

A gorgeous Peter pan wall decal, which would be perfect for a nursery.

  • Ships worldwide from Ireland.
  • Vinyl wall sticker.
  • Easily removable
  • Custom orders available, simply enquire for information.
  • Dimensions – 152cm x 75 cm or 60 x 30″
  • Peter Pan Wall Sticker – Check Details 

Disney Little Mermaid Open Window Wall Sticker


Amazing little mermaid open window Wall Sticker….

little mermaid window wall sticker

Rapunzel Wall Sticker Selection

tangled wall sticker

Great Tangled wall sticker!  Some fantastic illustrations.

Disney Tinkerbell Movie Wall Sticker

fairies wallsticker

This Disney fairies wall sticker has a 3D effect, so the fairies really stand out.

Disney Villain Wall Sticker Selection

disney villains wall sticker

This Disney villains wall sticker makes a change from all the regular characters!