Space Themed Bedroom Ideas!

space themed bedroom ideas

Space has always fascinated me since I was a little girl and I would have most definitely had a space themed bedroom, if I was able at the time!

But I suppose the theme of “space,” is normally thought of as more typically a boys interest, but I certainly know of plenty of little girls who are interested in Space, just like I was.

Space is amazing, mysterious and magical – and it’s certainly an interest for everyone!

In this post, I’m going to share with you a few space themed bedrooms that have inspired me and then I will share some individual products that may help you create that Space look!

Space Themed Bedrooms!

space themed bedroom, massive spaceship look

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If you’re able to have a custom designed room, there are some amazing options available – check out this awesome spaceship!

space themed bedroom, space painted

image Source –

Simple layout, but a great emphasis placed on painting the walls and ceiling, then just the added space themed duvet to complete the look.  If you have an artist in your family, maybe they could have a go at creating a space scene for you!

modern space themed bedroom

(source – Rilane)

I just love this, look at these awesome 3D planets coming out of the wall.  The planets emerging from the wall and the brilliant astronaut just create an awesome realistic effect.  You can purchase the 3D planet set here at Spectrum Scientifics.

Space Themed Bedroom Products…

Space Themed Beds!

Space Cabin Bed

space themed bedroom space bed

This is an amazing Space themed bed, this isn’t one for those on a strict budget, but if you’re looking for the wow factor, this is certainly an option.  

A single cabin bed, with space underneath for a work space, den, or extra sleeping space for sleepovers!  The ladder is camouflaged by the “rocket” blasting into space, complete with an LED light for added realism.  Each bed is made to order from knot-free Scandinavian pine.

Check Out Astronaut Cabin Bed!

SpaceShip Pull Down Bed

By Day….

spaceship bed etsy space themed bedroom

By Night….

space themed bedroom bed

This bed is truly unique, what an awesome spaceship bed!  Carefully designed so that the bed can be hidden back into the wall and kept away during the day, this bed would be a super space saver, as well as an all round show stopper.

The one hand operated mechanism that raises the bed is completely safe and can be used by children.  Made in Canada, but also ships to the US.  

Check Out Spaceship Bed!

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bed

star wars bed space themed bedroom

Another gorgeous design, this time following more of a  Star Wars Theme – created with a Millennium falcon cockpit shape, there are visible controls and buttons on the inside.  Hand painted and hand crafted with sold wood.

Check Out Star Wars Bed

Space Themed Accessories & Extras!

Astronaut Bedding Set!

space themed bedroom with space astronaut bedding set


I love this adorable bedding set – a super one for any little space enthusiast, or particularly if your child dreams of being an astronaut one day.

Check Out Astronaut Bedding Set!

Spaceman Kids Bedding Set

spaceman childrens duvet

A realistic spaceman duvet – the spaceman is giving the “thumbs up” sign.  It also comes with a space scene pillow case.  Artwork by David Penfound

Check Out Spaceman Bed Set!

SpaceShip Hanging Light

rocket pendant light shade

A cute Space rocket lighshade.  It also comes with bulb included, very easy to install and looks great.  Would make a super addition to your Space room!

Check Out Rocket Light!

Alien Abduction Lamp!

alien abduction lamp

Possibly one of the most brilliant lamps I have ever seen.  A UFO attempting to abduct a cow, that floats in the beaming rays.  Unfortunately, this item is currently unavailable, but the creators do say that if they receive enough messages asking them to create more, they may well do!!  You can contact them here!

Moon In My Room Light!


This would make a brilliant edition to any spaced themed room.  You will be able to see the 12 phases of the moon either automatically or manually.  You can also download an informative moon tour.



Really simple controls, so your child can easily change the moon settings themselves.  Will create a lovely atmosphere in the room.

Check Out Moon Light!

Egg Chair & Speakers

egg chair

Gotta love the classic style egg chair and this one comes with working speakers, that can be attached to whatever music player is currently being used – such as an ipod.  Pretty groovy eih?  Also comes with a matching foot rest and some 60’s style decals to decorate your egg!

Check Out The Egg Chair!

Galaxy Beanbag Chair

galaxy beanbag chair

Alternatively, how about this Galaxy beanbag chair?  Nice and cosy to sit on, there are a variety of galaxy patterns available.

Check Out Galaxy Beanbag!

Space Rug

space rug

You can even bring space to your floors, a space rug like this would make a big impact.  A variety of sizes available!

Check Out Space Rugs!

3-D Solar System

3D solar system

You can’t have a space themed bedroom without planets now can you!  Don’t these look great….

3d planets solar system space themed bedroom

You can hang them from the ceiling and they even glow in the dark!

Check Out The 3D Solar System!

3D Glow In The Dark Stars & Planets

glow in the dark planets and stars space themed

Complete with 9 planets and 20 glow in the dark stars – my own kids have this exact set and they look great.  The paper planets don’t glow and you need to ensure you “charge” the stars by exposing them to bright natural sunlight initially, which charges them.  They will then glow!

Check Out Stars & Planets!

Space Wall Sticker

space wall sticker space themed room

Wall stickers are so cost effective and easy to use, yet they can make a giant impact.  Like this wall sticker above, that looks like a window looking out into space.  You can also check out my space wall sticker dedicated page.

Check Out Space Wall Sticker!

That about concludes my post on Space themed bedrooms today!  

Have you got any ideas?  

Leave me a comment below!

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