Star Wars Themed Bedroom Ideas!

star wars themed bedroom ideas

Star Wars Themed Bedroom Ideas – For The Star Wars Fanatic!

I was so pleased when they announced a new bunch of Star Wars films, because then it gives rise to a whole new generation of Star Wars fans.

I’ve also got to enjoy Star Wars on another level; with my kids and with plenty of new characters.

I’ve  found some pretty awesome Star Wars related furniture and decor that could make super fan very happy indeed, so I thought I’d create a post to share some of it with you.

The key three things I like to include in a themed room are –

  • A great bed
  • An unusual feature, whether that be a wall sticker that can really transform the room, a piece of art work or a stand-out related piece of furniture.

Star Wars Beds

First up, are the Star Wars beds.  I couldn’t choose just one here, so I went with a few that will be suitable for different ages.  

Also, if you already have a bed but just want to change the theme, using a bed canopy is a great way to transform a regular bed that you already have for a low price.


Star Wars Bed Canopy

star wars bed canopy

I adore this bed canopy, this could really create a wow factor for your Star Wars themed room and without the need of buying an additional bed.  This bed canopy will fit around any single bed and can be assembled in minutes.

A much simpler option with kids, who may change their mind about their favourite thing of the moment.  But it’s such a fun an affordable way to transform a room.

Star Wars X-Wing Single Bed

strar wars x wing single

A fantastic kids bed that looks like an X-wing Starfighter!  An awesome design, with detachable wings, so you can place the bed by a wall if required.

  • The wing has secret storage and a bedside table as part of the structure.
  • Fits regular single sized mattress, the mattress is not included.
  • Dimensions – (H) 68cm (W) 183cm (L) 223cm
  • >> X-Wing Starfighter Bed Here! 

Star Wars Storage Trunks

Star wars storage trunks

It’s an unfortunate fact that we do need designated spaces to put the mountains of toys that would otherwise, (and sometimes do) live on the floor of our children’s rooms.  

So, somewhere to easily store things is important.  I love this set of storage trunks – they’re sold individually but there are five sizes available.

  • Made from heavy duty card that you can wipe clean.
  • Simple to open metal clasps.
  • Rope handles.
  • Sizes range from x-large 46 x 33 x 25 –  right down to small – 26 x 15 x 15
  • Free UK delivery
  • >> Toy Storage Trunks, Check Them Out! 

R2-D2 Pop Up Storage Bin

r2d2 pop up storage bin

A great little pop up bin that could be used for toys, or as a laundry bin.  Maybe this would encourage your kids to put their dirty clothes in an appropriate place!  

It’s great that it simply pops up, no assembling required and can also be folded away easily, should it need to be stored.


Star Wars Wall Stickers

Star Wars Wall Sticker set

Of course wall stickers have to be one of the easiest and most cost effective way of making a themed room extra special.  This is a great set, featuring a whole host of characters.


Darth Vader Mini Figure Clock

Darth vader mini figure clock

This little clock is brilliant – a great alarm clock to help encourage your kids out of bed in the morning!  Yoda and storm trooper varieties are also available from this seller.  Great for Lego Star wars fans too.

  • LCD screen with backlight, so your child can tell the time at night.
  • 2 AAA batteries included!
  • Dimensions – 16.3 x 13.2 x 23.8
  • Free delivery on orders over £20.
  • >> LEGO Star Wars Clock Here! 


Star Wars Kids Chair

Star wars chair

A super comfortable looking Star Wars chair, which is inflatable.  It will provide your child somewhere to snuggle up in their new Star Wars room!

Star Wars Duvet Set

Star Wars Duvet Set

A lovely duvet set, with a great star was image on the front from the original 1977 Star Wars poster.  It’s also reversible!  There are various other designs you can choose from, check them out here

Star Wars Wall Lights

I talked about some of these fantastic themed lights in my previous kids wall light post and they continue to be one my my favourite recent discoveries.  

Combining part wall-sticker, part light, part decoration – they look amazing and are great value for money.  They’re also incredibly safe, as they do not heat up and require no electric socket or wires, as they’re battery powered.  

So, that concludes my  post.  I hope you enjoyed checking out these Star wars themed bedroom ideas!

But now, for fun and general amusement, I bring to you…


Are you inspired to get started?  

Leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you!  If you already have a Star Wars themed bedroom, we’d love to see it!  Why not contact us and send us your pics!

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All the best… 🙂

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  1. I love all the Star Wars themed stuff you have suggested here.
    I particularly love the canopy bed. Looks so cool; wish I was a kid again so I could have that for my room!
    My son isn’t into Star Wars just yet so I can’t push it on him 🙁 but he’ll get there and I’ll go to town. Love all the accessories to make it a theme.
    Not seen the new movie yet so hopefully this may inspire him? LOL, I only wish.

    1. Hi Dinh, actually my youngest son is not a Star Wars fan either. I just saw the new film last night, it was brilliant! I highly recommend it. But it’s incredibly sympathetic to the original Star Wars films, which I loved. I hope your son is swayed lol. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  2. I’m so sad my kids are not into the star wars saga yet. All the items you recomended are so great! I want to get them for my room but then I remember I am a full blown adult! LOL! thanks for sharing your recomendations are great and the images are great too!


    1. Haha oh, I felt the same. Fortunately my youngest has watched them all now and the new one too and now loves it :). I’d love the bed canopy! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Wow! I really keel like a kid again reading all of this! If only I was a Star Wars fan, I would have bought something off your site right away! It’s just too many to choose from! lol

    Really, though, great site NEH, this would make any fanboy freak! I love it!

    Keep Smiling!

    1. lol – ah cheers thank you. Yes, the bed canopy would be a Star Wars fans dream I thin, I’d like it myself really, but I’m a big kid! 🙂

  4. WHAT!! These exist?!? I had no idea!! My younger siblings are huge starwars fans and their entire bedroom is plastered with posters of their favourite characters. I think I’m going to get them some beds and chairs, haha. This is so cool, I didn’t know you could buy furniture like this. Thanks a lot for this incredibly informative post!

  5. This is the VERY best compilation of Star Wars bedroom furnishings I’ve found out there.. Great job! I love all the very original ideas!

  6. wow, I am impressed with this star wars themed bedroom ideas, where was all these great ideas when I was a kid. Someone has a very kiddish imagination who come up with these awesome bedroom ideas, kids today are so much luckier then when I was a kid for having special bedroom themed rooms.

    Star wars has been very popular from day one, still today kids love star wars and still they are earning money from the star wars theme.

    1. Hi thanks for your comment — -well, yes with the new film that’s come out, (which was brilliant) it’s having a whole new generation of Star wars fans now. All the best!

  7. Great sharing! My son is an avid Star Wars fan and I was looking to redecorate his room as a surprise birthday gift for his coming birthday. The Star Wars wall lights are such funky looking lights and I think they will look amazing in the room! Thanks a lot for the ideas and recommendations.

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