Modern Nursery Art – Book Page Alice in Wonderland Prints!

I’ve long been an Alice in Wonderland fan and have been on the look out for some interesting related nursery wall art.  Today, I discovered some amazing sellers on ETSY   The first being Fab Funky They have some beautiful handmade artwork.  The artwortk is hand designed and printed onto pages from antiquarian dictionaries from the 1800’s.  They have a huge variety of styles and designs but there were some that I thought would be a perfect and unique edition to a nursery – specifically, I was interested in their Alice in Wonderland themed prints.

whiterabbitI was immediately grabbed by this piece!  This “White Rabbit” print is impressive.  I love the detail of the pocket watches and the intent look on the rabbits face.  These art works are created in Brighton, England but they do also ship worldwide.  There are various sizes and formats available, from a small 8 x 10 print, to a giant canvas, or you can choose a framed option.  Prices range from £16.42 – £150.75.

  White Rabbit Print £16.68

chesire hat

They also do have of my other favourite characters from Alice in Wonderland, “The Cheshire Cat.”  Again, they have the same variety of sizes and prices available of this print.  I love the mouse lounging happily in the teacup on his head!  

Cheshire Cat Print £16.68

cheshire cat 2

They have this alternative “Cheshire Cat” print too, complete with balloons and the little Dormouse sitting in a tea cup.  There are literally hundreds of different designs available aside from alice in wonderland, with many prints that either adults or children would love.

Dormouse Print £16.68 

In addition, another seller has some similar pieces, they’re called  The Curious Hat  and they also have some Alice in Wonderland themed pieces 

tea party print

Another Alice in wonderland design showing the mad hatter and the march hair trying to stuff the poor Dormouse into a Teapot!  This seller just sells in the one size, made to fit an 8 x 10 frame.  You can have the option of choosing the print on plain white or aged paper.  They also ship worldwide.

Mad Hatter Print £6.99

Alice in wonderland

Here is “Alice.”  A quirky and unique design, showing Alice carrying a pig baby!  These prints are also only £6.99, so they’re a real bargain.

Alice & Piggy Print £6.99

More antique dictionary prints from another seller too – In The Frame Shop and their prints are a little different in style, with bolder colours.

alice in wonderland clock

These prints are super bold in vibrant colour and this Alice Print, is only £7.99  –  so, it’s another steal.  Created in Derby England and shipped worldwide.

Alice Print £7.99

queen and alice

A brilliant print depicting Alice, “The Queen Of Hearts And The Cheshire Cat,” Super bright colours and careful detailing.  I like the addition of quotes on the print s too, as there are so many iconic quotes from Alice in Wonderland!

Queen Of Hearts Print £5.99

Alice eat me

This is one of my favourites — an “Eat Me,” Alice pint, with giant tea cups and a huge delicious looking cupcake.  It looks good enough to eat!

Cupcake print £5.99

This is just a small selection of some of the amazing prints available and they all can be found on Etsy.  What I love about Etsy is the extensive choice of such high quality unique products at some amazing prices! Everything I have ever bought from Etsy to date has been top notch quality and you can get such unique items at bargain prices.

What do you think of these prints?

Leave me a comment below!

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  1. Etsy is one of the best retail sites because you get amazing products at an inexpensive cost.

    I like the bunny print. Are the words in the background from the story Alice in Wonderland or are they from something else?

    These prints would look good in a nursery as well as in an office or business. I could see them in a pediatrician’s office.

    This looks like a quality product at a price most people could afford.

    1. Hi there, thank you for your comment – Etsy is fantastic for that. The words are actually printed on antique dictionary paper, ones from the 1800’s, which is interesting. They do have lots of other prints not related to Alice in wonderland, but I’m a fan so I thought I’d focus on those specifically for this post. They are great value too.

  2. Wow! I love the words behind the picture it just makes the pictures so alive and a bit mysterious! For me these pictures have some kind of deep conetent, so they are a bit frightening for me (maybe this is why I love them so much 😀 ). I would love to see hanging pictures like these on the walls of my flat!


    1. No I get what you mean, but I actually love quite unusual things, so I guess these fit the bill with that in a way? So, I can relate to that – they’re quirky aren’t they. I really love them, I am going to get some myself anyway – but I am a massive fan of alice in wonderland, (which is in itself, pretty strange isn’t it!). Thanks for your comment, natalie

  3. I also loved Alice in Wonderland when I was a kid. It was one of best stories ever told. What ETSY has done is very unique and beautiful. I’m happy you found this. its really good that they ship worldwide and they also have proper size. Thanks for sharing this art

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