Frozen Themed Bedroom – Ideas!

frozen themed bedroom ideas

Frozen themed bedroom ideas – for your Frozen fanatic!

The Disney Frozen film has become a huge favourite for many and surely a Frozen themed bedroom has to be on the top of many a Frozen fans wishlist!

 I thought I’d take a look at what’s out there, to help you create your child’s magical bedroom and I will be regularly adding bedroom themed posts, so if Frozen is not your child’s no.1 obsession of the moment, stay tuned as this will be one of many.

When it comes to themed bedrooms, affordability is important.  

Because while Frozen may be your child’s favourite of the moment, that could change in a year or two.  

So, ideally it’s best to choose a few choice items that you can easily resell at a later date and to choose wall stickers, rather than wall paper.  

Wall stickers can easily be removed and new wall stickers  can be added to easily change the theme.

Also, ideally wipe clean furniture is best, as it’s so easy for furniture to get grubby when children are involved.  

If the furniture is easy to clean, it will make things easier for you and simple to keep in mint condition, if you plan on passing it on or selling it later.

Frozen Canopy Toddler Bed

frozen canopy bed

This cute pale blue and purple Frozen canopy bed, is suitable for toddlers over 50 months, but will hold a child up to 50 pounds.  It’s simple to assemble and is complete with safety rails to keep your little ones safely in bed.  

The real show stopper is the Frozen style canopy with organza curtains and purple bows.  Mattress sold separately.

Disney Frozen Toddler Sleigh bed, (With Underbed Storage)

Frozen sleigh bed

Another fantastic option, but unfortunately this bed can only be purchased via Amazon UK, (at the time of writing). I What a great Frozen Sleigh bed!  Gorgeous shape and it also comes with additional underbed storage.  

Again, this is a transition bed, great for toddlers moving from a cot.   They also have a full single size bed available for older children.  Suitable from 18 months to 5 years.

Frozen 2-1 Bed Tent

frozen bed tent

A 2-1 Frozen tent that can be used over most twin sized bed, or alternatively used as a regular play tent.

 If you don’t want to go the whole hog and get a Frozen themed bed, this would make a great alternative in addition to a Frozen bedding set.

Disney Frozen Multi-Bin Storage 

frozen storage organiser


Great for storing anything from clothes, to toys, books or how about a costume collection?  

Easy to put away draws, so your children can easily tidy away their things by themselves – so, an excellent way to start learning important tidy up skills!  Simple to assemble!

Disney Frozen Recliner Chair

frozen reclining chair

A pretty “grown up” reclining Frozen chair, suitable for 3-7 year olds.  In the classic Frozen colours, with a big picture of Elsa and Anna on the back of the chair.  It even has it’s very own cup holder!

Disney Frozen Table And Chair Set

Frozen Tables and chairs set

A lovely mini table and chairs set, good for a bite to eat, having friends over, drawing and crafting or homework from school.  This would make a lovely addition to your child’s Frozen themed bedroom.   

A table set that can easily last several yearsRecommended for 2 years plus, made from engineered and solid wood.

Olaf Frozen Wall Light

olaf wall light

I discovered this Olaf wall light recently and mentioned it in my kids wall light post.  

The Frozen character light is mounted on top of a cracked wall sticker, so it looks as though he’s crashing through the ice behind him.

It may look quite tricky to assemble, but it’s actually incredibly easy to install and there is no electricity required, as it’s battery operated.

A light like this can really transform a room into something special.  It’s simple to apply and uses LED lights – which stay cool to the touch!

Disney Frozen Palace Playset

frozen disney playset castle

Adding a giant Frozen Style castle playset to your child’s themed bedroom,would certainly make an impact.

This one is the perfect size to play with the original dolls of Anna and Elsa.

 If your child loves pretend play and dolls houses, this is an exceptional one and the floor even lights up when you tap it, just like how Elsa does it in the movie!

You can even transform the snow into stairs and make the castle grow taller by turning a crank to increase the size.  There are also plenty of great accessories included.


Elsa Frozen Wall Sticker

Elsa wall Sticker large

A beautiful Frozen Elsa Wall Sticker.  You can check out several others at my designated Frozen Wall Sticker Page.  

Wall stickers are such a simple and cost effective way to really transform a room and are especially ideal for themed bedrooms.  

No need for wall paper, when you can add these so simply and change them at any time.

Quick to apply – simply peel and stick! 



Disney Frozen Kids Bookcase 

Frozen bookcase

The bookcase has four cling compartments to fill with plenty of kids books!  It looks lovely to display all your kids books facing out and makes them easy for your child to find which one they’d like to read.  

It’s also much easier for them to put their own books away.

Simple to store various sizes of books so that your child can choose them easily.  There are four compartments for plenty of books.

Frozen 3 in 1 Convertible Bench, Desk and Toy Storage Box.

Frozen Bench Toy Chest

A fantastic convertible bench, which is also a desk and a toy chest!  A great opportunity to gain three pieces of furniture at once for a very good price. A  Lovely bright and detailed picture of the Frozen characters on the front too.

When do you think you’ll be creating your Frozen themed bedroom – do you have many ideas?  I’ve added some additional Frozen items below that you may like to see too.

Who is your child’s favourite Frozen Character?  Leave me a comment below!

All the best… 🙂

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  1. These are so cute!

    I am looking to get 1 of those lights for my nieces who are so much into Frozen. I do not get why are kids crazy about that movie even till this moment. The sleigh bed looks so comfy to be on (I’m 25) & makes you just wanna snuggle under the blanket (Wordplay on frozen intended).

    1. haha yep they’re crazy over it for sure. The bed does look comfortable doesn’t it, I wouldn’t mind a snuggle in one myself!

  2. I’m not much of a movie goer, however, I did like Frozen. I had no idea that there were enough products available to deck out a room with Frozen memorabilia. I wonder if some of these films earn more from the sell of “after products” than from the film itself. Wow, after reading this post, it appears there is an endless cornucopia of products that are geared around the Frozen theme. Amazing. I suppose an entire house could be filled with Frozen themed items. Looks like there are options for all rooms, not just the bedroom. These items are not outrageously priced as I would have expected. Thanks for this colourful write up. This was fun to read.

    1. Hi there – indeed films make a huge amount after from all the various products out there. Certainly as far as frozen goes too, there is a lot out there because it’s so popular. A lot of the items are quite reasonably priced too yes, many thanks for your comment!

  3. I love the Frozen sleigh bed! That is super cute, although I think my son would have preferred a racecar or monster truck bed. Interesting that it’s only available on Amazon UK – hopefully it will reach the US for all of our little Frozen fans here in the states!

    1. Hi there, I know! A shame it’s not available in the US, but hopefully that may change. 🙂 I have two boys myself so, definitely the same here!

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