Lego Themed Bedroom – ideas!

lego themed bedroom ideas

Is Your Child Asking For A Lego Themed  Bedroom?….

Going for a Lego theme is quite tricky if you just want to buy pre-made stuff bought directly from a store – as there’s not an exciting amount around to buy!

As far as Lego Storage goes, there are plenty of options there…. but when it comes to furniture, there is less!

In the way of Lego themed bedroom furniture, for example – there’s not much to go for if you’re looking at your online retailers.

There is quite a bunch in terms of accessories though and if you’re reasonable at DIY, there are some simple things you could do to create a Lego look!  

Alternatively, you could go all out and have your child’s room custom designed.  Then you really do have the power to create something quite brilliant.

Take a look first at a few custom designed options…..

Awesome Lego Bedrooms: For Inspiration!

Modern Kids

Photo by Search contemporary kids’ room pictures

PebbleKids_Connected Box

Photo by Neslihan Pekcan/PebbledesignLook for contemporary kids’ room design inspiration

Kalkan Dublex Apartment/Suadiye

Photo by Neslihan Pekcan/PebbledesignMore contemporary kids’ room ideas


Photo by Infiniti® Master Builder Inc.Search contemporary kids’ room pictures

It’s a great idea the beds being stacked up high on Lego blocks, which also double up as colourful storage.    The very idea of a Lego themed room in itself seems to automatically suggest order and uniformity!

Plenty of space for storing Lego, no clutter and an almost minimalist feel to to these rooms.  No clutter is good in my book.  As much storage AS POSSIBLE is key!

If your budget doesn’t stretch to custom made designed rooms…. there is still plenty you can do to create a Lego theme!

LEGO Storage Ideas

If you’re a bit nifty with DIY, there are also extra Lego themed storage solutions that you could have a go at easily…

Lego Mini Figure Case

lego mini figure case

Learn how to easily create your own Lego mini figure case over at


DIY lego table

Made from an IKEA table and some Lego boards, plastic Lego storage boxes – this is would be a simple but hightly effective project.  Check out how to make it at

Lego Men Shelving

lego shelves

I love this option for keeping all the lego men in order!  ….  In our house these are the first thing to get lost, never to be found again.  (source)

Lego Man Picture

lego man picture

Or this is a cool idea, by incorporating lego pieces into box frame- where the front is also carved out to look like a Lego man, but it could be anything you want, any shape that you wanted. (Source) 

Lego Bucket Storage

lego bucket storage

A really simple idea – pick up some cheap yellow buckets.  Draw on the eyes with a permanent marker, then add a drop of white paint to the back of the eyes for an extra realistic look. (Source)

There are also plenty of ready made Lego Storage ideas too, check out my post on kids toy storage – where there is a Lego segment.

So, just with a lick of paint and some Lego-themed accessories, you can create a great look.  Also don’t forget to get a Lego duvet set for the bed!


Lego Wall Stickers

A super easy way to transform a room into a themed bedroom, is by using Wall Stickers.  They’re super easy to apply and usually can be removed without any damage to your walls.

Sometimes they can even be reused too.  They’re very affordable, so it makes it possible to change them regularly too, if you’re on a budget.

Check out some of these awesome Lego Wallstickers here!

Lego Superhero

Lego Superhero – Here!

lego cracked wall sticker

Lego cracked wall sticker – Here!

LEGO Bedroom Furniture

For Lego bedroom Furniture, either the custom designed or DIY route is largely the way to go, as there is not a great deal of ready-made Lego Furniture out there.

Lego Drawers

lego drawers

It would not be too tricky to update an old chest of drawers, if you have a bit of DIY know how.

(e.g some thin wooden boards to attach to old drawers, a lick of super charged Lego coloured paint, circular discs to create the Lego effect on the wood, then you could certainly create something like this. (source)

Alternatively, you could cover drawers with Lego patterned wall paper or similar, so create a much easier, (although shorter lived!) Lego effect.

lego room

If all the creating sounds too much – how about you abandon the idea of having exact Lego furniture and settle for something a little like the above!  

Colourful drawers in the colour of Lego, with associated Lego accessories, (again some great Lego storage here).  At most, this would be a straight forward paint job.  (source)

Create A Lego Wall

lego wall room

If you really want to make an impact, you could go ahead and create a whole lego wall!  You could seek out cheap Lego at garage sales, boot fares and so forth…  It makes a great Lego storage solution, as well as aesthetic appeal.

If your lego supplies/budget won’t allow for a full wall, then you could always dedicate a small section of the wall to Lego – it would still create a great look.  (source).  

Lego Bedroom Lighting Inspiration

For Lego inspired lighting I love the light below, which doubles up as both a toy AND a night-light.  While it resembles duplo more than lego, it’s still close enough to work with the theme!

light stax, lego lighting

Lightstax are available to buy inexpensively here.

Or if you’re after an authentic Lego light, you can purchase clickable Lego brick lights.  

They run on batteries, so you have no wired or plugs to worry about – and you can stick them where ever you like.  Another possible night-light option too.

lego light

You can pick Lego Brick Lights here! 

Or how about this cute Lego head lamp?  A great way to match those lego storage heads that you can buy.

lego head lamp

You can pick up this cute Lego head lamp here!

Or….  if brush up on those DIY skills again, you could create your own Lego light masterpiece.  What about this one below?  (source)

lego light

That Concludes My Lego Themed Bedroom Post!

Is there something in particular you’re thinking about doing?  Or anything you’ve been looking for?

Leave me a comment below!

All the best….  🙂

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  1. I had no idea. maybe because my kid is 17. I really like the wall crack.

    The rooms do have a minimalist look to them.Is it possible to buy the items in the first bedroom picture individually? The robots on the wall are a nice touch..

    How the heck does that Lego Man storage piece work? I am not very crafty.

    Some real cool ideas here that I may give a shot with my nephew. Some of these pieces look custom made but after your explanation I am starting to think I can do it. Especially the chest of drawers. I hope I don’t hurt myself. :-).

    1. haha thanks barry. Actually, I’m not particularly crafty myself – but I will give things a go! The initial bedroom is custom designed, so you can’t pick up that lego furniture in the shops unfortunately. You can get personalised lego wall stickers – like this one and also check out these lego wallstickers. Which lego storage bit do you mean? The picture? The frames are created using deep frames – one of them does have a carved lego man in the front, so you’d need a few crafty skills. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Wow! That lego themed bedroom is so cool. I can think of many kids that would love to have a room like that. I especially love the lego wall art idea. This would also be a neat idea for a playroom or a family room where kids (and adults) can be creative. Thanks for sharing all of these lego ideas.

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