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pokemon bedroom ideas

Pokemon Bedroom Ideas – Pokemon Go Mania!

Lets talk Pokemon bedroom ideas! If you haven’t heard of Pokemon go…  well, maybe you’ve been living in a dark well for the last few months.  It’s become a completely crazy phenomenon.   The interesting aspect of Pokemon Go, is it’s a game app that meshes together the real world and the world of pokemon. It can make the regular dull walk to the shops, suddenly quite adventurous.  I resisted…

angry birds bedroom ideas

Angry Birds Bedroom Ideas!

After the release of the long awaited Angry Birds film, it got me thinking about Angry Birds bedroom ideas…. If you haven’t already, check out the clip for the angry birds movie… Angry Birds Movie Trailer! I have two very lively boys and both are BIG angry birds fans, so I can imagine an angry birds theme being a popular one for many kids. When the little Angry Birds computer…

unicorn head pillows cushions

Unicorn Themed Bedroom Ideas! Ultimate Magic!

 A Unicorn themed bedroom?  Ultimate Magic! I’m really excited to write this post today, because I’m such a Unicorn fan myself.  I remember being fixated on unicorns since I first watched the film Legend – (remember that dark fantasy with a young tom cruise – back in 1985?) While I do remember being frightened by this film in fact, (the bad guy in this is really quite terrifying). I still…

big girls bedroom ideas

Big Girls Bedroom Ideas – She’s Growing Up!

Big Girls Bedroom Ideas… Time For A Change! Decorating your child’s room once they’re out of the little girl phase can be a lot of fun, because they will have their own identity, interests and passions and now may be extra keen to have a say in how her room should look. So, what do girls want these days?  Well, that’s going to depend on what type of girl you…

lego themed bedroom ideas

Lego Themed Bedroom – ideas!

Is Your Child Asking For A Lego Themed  Bedroom?…. Going for a Lego theme is quite tricky if you just want to buy pre-made stuff bought directly from a store – as there’s not an exciting amount around to buy! As far as Lego Storage goes, there are plenty of options there…. but when it comes to furniture, there is less! In the way of Lego themed bedroom furniture, for…

15 amazing kids beds

15 Amazing Kids Beds!

Check out this selection of 15 amazing kids beds below – to get some inspiration! To add a real wow factor to your child’s room – choosing a fantastic kids bed has to be one of the top things you can do.  While you may want to think carefully about getting a character related bed, (if your child changes their mind often about their favourite) you may opt instead for…

awesome kids playroom ideas

Awesome Kids Play Room Ideas!

Make Play Amazing! – Awesome Kids Play Room Ideas! If you have the space for a playroom, why not make it fantastic?   From indoor playrooms, lego walls, slides, climbing walls and magnetic walls, there are so many great ideas out there! I certainly never had any space for a playroom growing up and even if I had, the sort of playrooms people have created these days go over and…

little boys bedroom ideas

Little Boys Bedroom Ideas! Spark Their Imagination!

 Super Little Boys Bedroom Ideas! What do kids love?  Fun, excitement, magic, colour, light!  Bring a little of these things into your kids room and they’ll be happy bunnies. But where do you start?  Sometimes knowing where to start can be the most overwhelming part.  Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing… Start with an interest! What is your child interested in?  Pirates? Space? Spiderman?  Star Wars?…

spiderman themed bedroom ideas

Spiderman Themed Bedroom – ideas!

For the Spiderman Superfan – Spiderman themed bedroom ideas! Is your Child’s favourite superhero Spiderman? For my youngest son, it’s a close one between Batman and Spiderman!   In his honour, I have been seeking out some cool Spiderman stuff and I thought I’d share it with you! I used to love the idea of having a themed room as a child, but I never had a typical one.  The…

cool string lights for kids

Cool String Lights, That Kids Will Love!

In this post, I’d like to check out some super cool kids string lights.  The thing is, when it comes to quirky or atmospheric lighting in a room, I absolutely love it. I have had fairy or string lights in my home since I was a child.  I have some star lights hanging from our fireplace twelve months of the year and I don’t feel quite right until they’re turned on…