Alice In Wonderland Bedroom – IDEAS!


Alice In Wonderland Bedroom – Follow The White Rabbit!

I may be in my 30’s, but an Alice In wonderland themed bedroom still appeals to me.  

Alice in wonderland is simply one of my all time favourite books and  – as far as Disney goes – one of my favourite Disney films too.

Now there is the addition of the new modern Alice films and Alice through the looking glass too.  But ultimately, I am a fan of the Disney classic.

Is it just me that sometimes enjoys the trailer more than the film?  I always have to be in the cinema in time for the trailers, that has to be one of the best bits for me.

If you haven’t seen Alice through the looking glass, I love the trailer…

In this post, I’m going to share a whole bunch of stuff that may inspire you to create an Alice In wonderland themed bedroom.

There are a combination products you can actually buy now, plus I’ve included some general inspiration to help you along.

Alice In Wonderland Bedroom Inspiration

Subtle Alice Inspired Design

Kensington town house
While subtle, this room clearly has some Alice inspired features – The rug certainly has that feel about it and if you look closely, you will see little white rabbits dotted about.
If you want to go for a beautiful, traditional room with a hint of Alice, going down this route would be a simple, yet effective way to accomplish that look.

Alice In Wonderland Feature Wall

alice in wonderland wall


Ok, this is pretty extravagant, but you could totally create something similar at home without a mass amount of effort.  If you have anyone in your family that’s into art or DIY, this could be a project for them.

Large white card with some appropriate stencils and you’d be in business.  Match that with some Alice in wonderland wall stickers to complete the look.

You can even find some giant playing cards here – that could do the trick.

My only concern, is that it may be somewhat of a dusting disaster.  Otherwise, brilliant.

Alice In Wonderland Decal Look

alice in wonderland image

This room makes good use of Alice in wonderland wall decals

Plus a large tree wall decal with a branch appearing to emerge from it – I love having the touch of the Cheshire cat sitting in the tree.

Unusual Alice Inspired  Art Work

alice in wonderland pic

I love the unusual look of this room – the artwork reminds me of a  bunch of Alice in wonderland inspired art work found here – I also wrote a post about it here.


Alice In Wonderland Furniture!

Bunny Chairs – Adult & Junior

bunny chair

A pair of white rabbit inspired chairs, with an adult and junior chair. Super bunny ears peeking up at the top of the white chairs.  How cute are these?   Take a closer look.

Alice Inspired Homemade Chair

alice in wonderland chair

Alice in wonderland inspired chair, handmade.  Other chairs in different styles also created, check for availability.

Alice Mini Magic Door

alice mini door

The little mini magic door uses a real key!  One key can be used for several doors.  The doors can be used as a simple decoration or as a protection from an outlet, such as a plug socket.  Open the magic door!

Alice Hatter Cupboard

hatter alice cupboard

Beautiful handmade Alice & Hatter cupboard.  When the cupboard is opened, magically the Cheshire cats eyes can be seen to glow, when a battery operated light is pushed!  Check it out here.

Alice in Wonderland Lap Desk

alice lap desk

Handmade burned and stained Alice in Wonderland lap desk and each one made to order.  Other variations also available, you can also opt to have wood art created without the lap desk.  Check The Alice Lap Desk!

Disney Inspired Bendy Shelving/Bookcases

alice disney bendy shelves

These bendy shelves would definitely look the part in any Alice inspired bedroom!  Each unit is made to order.  Available in a range of colours. Bendy Alice In Wonderland Shelves Here!

Teacup Shelves

teacup shelves


Adorable teacup shelves that were originally available on Etsy, but no longer are.  Still plenty of Alice inspired good stuff on there however! 

Alice Bunny Lamp!

bunny lamp

A bunny lamp is surely a must have in any Alice In Wonderland inspired bedroom!  They have become very popular now too.  There are a variety of bunny lights available – in many shapes and sizes!

Alice Table And Chairs

alice table and chairs

Another handmade item, an Alice inspired children’s table and chairs. This item also ships wordwide from the USA – hand painted, each one of a kind.  Take a peek!

Alice In wonderland Bedding Set

alice in wonderland bedding

A gorgeously colourful Alice in wonderland bedding set – An easy way to clearly define your Alice themed bedroom.  You can also find a variety of other sets here.


Alice In Wonderland Art Prints

alice in wonderland prints

Etsy has a whole bunch of Alice in wonderland inspired Art and Art prints – some of which are really unique and unusual.  This is one of many that I really love and I particularly like how the prints are made on antique dictionary pages!  Check out Alice Prints!

That about concludes my Alice in wonderland bedroom ideas post for today…

Is there anything in particular you’ve been looking for?  What’s your favourite item?  Leave me a comment below!

All the best….

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  1. Wow, what a great idea. I think I would have loved this as a child. In fact I think I would love to have a room like this now.

    Love the bunny chairs and the cards on the wall idea. But best of all is the little door and key idea. What a great idea to cover up a wall socket or even a crack.

    1. Hi Michel, Yes I’m the same and I love anything alice in wonderland inspired 🙂 The little magic door with the key is adorable isn’t it – and the bunny chairs! Thank you very much for your comment.

  2. I have always loved Alice in Wonderland!

    I watched that trailer; it looks “cool” and will watch it when available, but I also prefer the original as well.
    Dickens was a master!

    I think these ideas are terrific! I particularly like the rug which is pictured first – love it! … also the Cupboard but prefer the older style graphics, and the “Alice Table & Chairs”. I’ve done a bit of stenciling too, so the idea of doing something like that interests me very much. Did I miss where to get stencils?

    Great post – thanks. You’ve given me a lot of “awesome” ideas!

    1. Hi there – the trailer is actually better than the film in my opinion lol, I was looking forward to the film but it wasn’t great. I do like the overall look of it though and love the original film. I’m not sure where to get the extra large stencils but wall decals would work really well and have the same appearance – such as this one! Thanks for your comment!

  3. What a cool idea. I’d love to do something like this in my daughter’s room. The bendy bookcase has to be my favourite by far. The extravagant wall with all the cards was so good that it actually took me a few minutes to figure out whether it was 3D or really coming out of the wall lol. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi jessie – thanks for your comments – yeh the cards are really coming out lol, it would take a while to do but I really like it. 🙂

  4. I’m sure fans of Alice would love any of these decor schemes.

    I’m a big fan of wall decals. They are a great way to create an atmosphere in a room quickly and easily – and you can peel them off without leaving any gloopy mess.

    I really like the way that the tree decal has been combined with a real branch. Great idea – and the Cheshire cat is the perfect finishing touch!

    1. hey Jim, thanks for your comments, I’m pleased you like some of the items. Yes, wall stickers are such an easy way to create a different look!

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