Princess Bedroom Ideas For Girls!

princess bedroom ideas for girls
February 6, 2017

Princess Bedroom Ideas For Girls! It’s pretty common for little girls to want to be Princesses, right?   When I was a little girl, I wanted to too…. despite pretty quickly turning into a major tom boy! But actually, my mother created a lovely bed canopy made from white lace that was ultra princess like and I had that for several years. There certainly weren’t the products back then in…


Mario Bros Bedroom Ideas!

mario bros bedroom ideas
January 28, 2017

Mario Bros Bedroom Ideas I’m not sure why the idea of a Mario Bros themed bedroom ONLY just came to me…. because both of my boys are HUGE Super Mario Bros fans. I also used to be a giant Mario fan myself!  I remember desperately wanting a Nintendo 64 when it came out and when I got it, I was so thrilled.   I’d play Mario Bros every day after…


Minions Bedroom Ideas For Kids!

minions bedroom ideas
January 24, 2017

Super Minions Bedroom Ideas – For Kids! We love all the Minions and the Despicable me films in our home – and can certainly see the appeal of a Minions themed bedroom! While there isn’t a huge amount of official merchandise furniture wise – there are definitely ways you can easily create a full blown Minions look. I’ve rounded up selection of Minion bedroom inspiration, related merchandise and decor to…


8 Awesome Kids Arts And Crafts Gifts!

November 28, 2016

  8 Awesome Kids Arts And Crafts Gifts! Are your kids arts and crafts crazy?…  Are they constantly begging you to recycle vast arrays of household items into unusual art installations around your home?! Well, my son is just like that.  When my son is creating something, he is really in his element and could quite literally spend all day making things and being creative. The only downside is, my…


Halloween Bedroom Ideas! Spooky!

halloween bedroom ideas here
October 11, 2016

My children are huge Halloween fans, especially my youngest.   In fact, we often even have a Halloween themed Christmas, based on the “Nightmare Before Christmas.”  So, I know that my son would love to have a touch of Halloween all year if he could.  Would yours?  Check out these Halloween bedroom ideas! First I’ll just share a few ideas I’ve found on the web and then let you know…


Hello Kitty Bedroom Ideas! Meow!

hello kitty bedroom ideas
October 1, 2016

Hello Kitty is a global phenomenon and for a Hello Kitty fan, a themed bedroom would be an exciting possibility.  Thankfully, there are ideas out there that can help you create your child’s dream Hello Kitty bedroom. During this post, I will first look at other peoples ideas that may give you some inspiration, then I will show you some products that are available to buy. While some options are…


Space Themed Bedroom Ideas!

space themed bedroom ideas
September 21, 2016

Space has always fascinated me since I was a little girl and I would have most definitely had a space themed bedroom, if I was able at the time! But I suppose the theme of “space,” is normally thought of as more typically a boys interest, but I certainly know of plenty of little girls who are interested in Space, just like I was. Space is amazing, mysterious and magical…


Alice In Wonderland Bedroom – IDEAS!

September 8, 2016

Alice In Wonderland Bedroom – Follow The White Rabbit! I may be in my 30’s, but an Alice In wonderland themed bedroom still appeals to me.   Alice in wonderland is simply one of my all time favourite books and  – as far as Disney goes – one of my favourite Disney films too. Now there is the addition of the new modern Alice films and Alice through the looking…


Pokemon Bedroom Ideas – Pokemon Go Mania!

pokemon bedroom ideas
August 14, 2016

Lets talk Pokemon bedroom ideas! If you haven’t heard of Pokemon go…  well, maybe you’ve been living in a dark well for the last few months.  It’s become a completely crazy phenomenon.   The interesting aspect of Pokemon Go, is it’s a game app that meshes together the real world and the world of pokemon. It can make the regular dull walk to the shops, suddenly quite adventurous.  I resisted…


Angry Birds Bedroom Ideas!

angry birds bedroom ideas
May 20, 2016

After the release of the long awaited Angry Birds film, it got me thinking about Angry Birds bedroom ideas…. If you haven’t already, check out the clip for the angry birds movie… Angry Birds Movie Trailer! I have two very lively boys and both are BIG angry birds fans, so I can imagine an angry birds theme being a popular one for many kids. When the little Angry Birds computer…