Halloween Bedroom Ideas! Spooky!

halloween bedroom ideas here
October 11, 2016

My children are huge Halloween fans, especially my youngest.   In fact, we often even have a Halloween themed Christmas, based on the “Nightmare Before Christmas.”  So, I know that my son would love to have a touch of Halloween all year if he could.  Would yours?  Check out these Halloween bedroom ideas! First I’ll just share a few ideas I’ve found on the web and then let you know…


Halloween Wall Decorations! – Halloween Special

Halloween wall decoration ideas
October 12, 2015

Scary Halloween decorations…  I love them!!!  Halloween is one of my favourite times of year and  I actually prefer decorating at Halloween more than I do at Christmas –  my children also feel the same way.  I like to start getting the decorations up as early as possible in early October and I tend to leave them up well into November too!  In fact, we still have a plastic skeleton…