Hello Kitty Bedroom Ideas! Meow!

hello kitty bedroom ideas

Hello Kitty is a global phenomenon and for a Hello Kitty fan, a themed bedroom would be an exciting possibility.  Thankfully, there are ideas out there that can help you create your child’s dream Hello Kitty bedroom.

During this post, I will first look at other peoples ideas that may give you some inspiration, then I will show you some products that are available to buy.

While some options are custom designed, it’s important to remember that’s it can be quite simple to change a regular product into a “Hello Kitty” themed one – simply by painting it pink and adding some relevant stickers!

Or you can go all out and go crazy buying Hello Kitty inspired merchandise – there certainly is a lot of it to be found!

Hello Kitty Bedroom Inspiration

hello kitty bedroom

(image source – Pinterest) 

This bedroom goes all out with the Hello Kitty theme, literally the room is completely dedicated to Hello Kitty in every capacity.  I love the light up glow up Kitty in the background, as well as the detailing on the custom built cupboards.

Check out the vast amount of Hello Kitty teddies and toys packed onto those shelves!

hello kitty bedroom slide

(Image Source- pinterest)

A great fun option, with mini slide.  The Hello Kitty mirror is a lovely touch too.  Not too much going on here so, a fairly easy look to replicate – especially if you have some DIY talents!  

The bed board is also very cute and I’m sure the slide would be popular.

hello kitty bedroom

(image source – Hometown Times)

Wow, this is certainly a bright one!!  Another full on bedroom, with custom designed furniture in this case.  Everything from the walls, to the bed and wardrobe are coordinated.  

If your daughter LOVES pink and Hello Kitty, this would be a big hit.

hello kitty bedroom ideas

(Source – icon home designs!)

A super cute Hello Kitty bedroom, with a lovely teddy and custom made furniture, plus some items you can buy, such as bed covers, mirror and stickers.  This is one room that could be quite easily reproduced.

hello kitty bedroom posh

(Image source – Furnitsign.com)

This is an example where you can accessorize simply to recreate a themed look – yes, there is a large round bed here, but they have added little touches, like the Hello Kitty sticker behind and the little Kitty pillow –

Plus, you can see to the left a Hello Kitty rug and the colour just adds to the overall theme.  A great heart shaped chair in the corner fits in perfectly.

Hello Kitty bedroom ideas on YouTube…

Various Hello Kitty ideas you can gain inspiration from!  Worth a little look.

Hello Kitty Room Decor

Hello Kitty Wall Stickers

hello kitty wallsticker

A cute peel and stick wall sticker, consisting of Hello Kitty hugging a teddy, with stars and hearts.  Can be attached to any smooth surface, including doors and windows.  Hello Kitty Wall Sticker

hello kitty town decal

A great selection of 32 wall decals in total.  Simple to apply, you just peel and stick.  Contains fun stickers such as cakes, tea, bakery, butterflies and more.  Your child can create their own Hello Kitty scene.  Hello Kitty World Decals

Hello Kitty Mood Lamp

hello kitty mood lamp

Gorgeous Hello Kitty night light that switches between 7 different colours.  Will have a calming a effect and useful for children who don’t like to sleep in complete darkness.  Hello Kitty Mood lamp!

Hello Kitty Lamp – Super sized!

hello kitty mood light large

For a super sized hello kitty lamp, this one is a bit special.  A cute light that switches between 16 different colours, which can be changed by a remote control.  Check Out Hello Kitty Lamp (check it out, but I think it’s only UK at present!)

Hello Kitty Beds

hello kitty sofa bed sleeping bag

As large as a double bed, this is a giant Hello Kitty sleeping bag/bed/sofa!  Awesome to lounge around on or for sleepovers. It is super uber cute! Hello Kitty sleeping bag/bed


hello kitty cabin tent bed

Fabulous Hello Kitty TENT for a cabin bed.  There are two sections involved, the shop tent fabric that goes along the bottom section and the canopy that goes over the top.  Great for imaginative play.  Hello Kitty Cabin Bed Tent

hello kitty toddler bed

A cute toddler sized Hello Kitty themed bed.  Ideal for that transition phase between a cot and a “big bed,” – this bed is simple to assemble.  Hello Kitty Toddler Bed 

hello kitty sofa

hello kitty sofa out

Flip out sofas are really useful for sleep overs, or just a comfortable place for your child to relax.  Simple to clean, the cover easily comes off.   It is also machine washable.  Hello Kitty Flip Out Sofa!

hello kitty bedding set

You can easily create a Hello Kitty themed bed by simply buying a couple of different bedding sets!  They’re are some really lovely ones that you can buy and a large variety.  Hello Kitty Bedding Sets Available.

Hello Kitty Storage

hello kitty storage


Great sized Hello Kitty storage unit, with three levels and 9 drawers in total.  Lovely related pictures on the front and easy access for your child, so they can help put away their toys!  Hello kitty Storage.

hello kitty pop up

Hello Kitty pop up bin – easy place to store things such as toys and laundry, easy to fold away and take away too.  Hello Kitty Pop Up Bin

Hello Kitty Mirror

hello kitty mirror

Lovely Hello Kitty Mirror, complete with Sticky Pads.  Check out available mirrors here. 

So, are you thinking of creating a Hello Kitty bedroom?  

what sort of products are you after and would you consider having anything custom made?

Let me know in the comments below!

All the best, 

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  1. These rooms are absolutely beautiful!

    Not for myself, obviously, it’s for my 8 year old niece. She’s forever crazy about Hello Kitty and because I’m originally from Japan, whenever I travel there I get a lot of Hello Kitty goods for her. But sadly what she does is slap everything on her desk & walls randomly, her mother’s not happy with the mess.

    I just sent this page link to her. It’s this jumbo lamp that I wonder if she likes or not… If she does, it’ll be her next birthday present from me. Thanks for the lovely page!

    1. hey ray, so pleased you like it and pleased I can help your niece. I love that jumbo light – only boys in my house and hello kitty is not popular with them at all lol. I am in love with Japanese culture myself and find it fascinating. Thanks for your comment!

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