Minions Bedroom Ideas For Kids!

minions bedroom ideas

Super Minions Bedroom Ideas – For Kids!

We love all the Minions and the Despicable me films in our home – and can certainly see the appeal of a Minions themed bedroom!

While there isn’t a huge amount of official merchandise furniture wise – there are definitely ways you can easily create a full blown Minions look.

I’ve rounded up selection of Minion bedroom inspiration, related merchandise and decor to help you create your own themed room for your child.

You can also check out a selection of Minion Wall Stickers here.

Minions Themed Bedroom Inspiration

minions themed bedroom

(Image source,

Wowsers… if this isn’t a themed room, I don’t know what is.  

Literally this room has been “minionfied” from top to bottom.

If your kids can handle that bright yellow paint, painting the room would be a sure way of making it stand out.

Plus, the room has been literally packed with Minions toys, posters and merchandise.

minions bedroom

(Image source –

I love the style of this Minions themed room – unfortunately, those aren’t beds you can just pick up!  

This bedroom is a special themed room, at the Loews Portofino Bay resort – at Universal studios! 

We were lucky enough to visit one of the Portofino hotels at Universal last year, but missed out on the Minions room for this time.

However full on – or toned down – that you choose your room to be….  

You will need some Minions related merchandise, toys and furniture to complete the look.

I’ve picked out a bunch of my favourites below….

Minions Cartoon Bed Mattress

minions bed

How awesome is this Minions bed – it’s actually a giant sleeping bag/sofa bed.

I can only see this particular bed in the USA at the moment, but don’t worry if you’re not in the US – there is more to check out below!

>> Clicky here for the Minions bed!

Minions Bedding Set

minions bedding set

There is plenty of choice when it comes to Minions and Despicable me bed sets.

While this is a larger set here above – they come in all different sizes.

Using a correlating bed set is obviously a lot simpler and cheaper than going all out with a themed bed.

>> You can check out a whole range here.

Minions Flip Out Sofa

minions sofa

minions flip out sofa

How about a Minions Flip Out Sofa?  

Pretty cool for chilling out on, or pulling out for sleepovers.

There are different styles, depending on location.  

>> Check Out Minions Sofa.

Minions Bean Bag Chair

minions bean bag chair

Super cute bean bag chair! And Massive!

You may need a big space, but if you have the room – your minions fan would adore this.

He looks extra squidgy and comfortable.

>> Check Out The Minion Bean Bag!

Minions Wall Light!

minions wall light

I explored a whole range of these fantastic wall lights in my top 10 wall light post here. 

These are so great and would add a real WOW factor to a themed room. 

The great thing is, they’re not expensive and they don’t even require a cable.

They’re battery operated and there are no cables or wires to deal with.

They also don’t get hot at all, so are very safe for kids.

Each light comes with a cracked wall sticker, so they look like they’ve cracked the wall – I love them.

There is also a selection of Minions available.

>> Check Out What Minions Are Available Here.

Minions Colour Changing Light

minions colour changing light

How about this cute little guy?  This Minion light doubles up as a mood light/night light.

It’s only small – small enough that your child can have it next to them in bed, or on their bedside table.

Ideal if your child isn’t keen on sleeping in the dark.

It would also be a good little light to take camping, or for friend sleepovers. 

>> Check Out Minion Dave Light!

Minions Wall Sticker

minions wall stickers

Of course, we love wall stickers at Wallartkids – you can find a selection of minions wall stickers over at this designated page.

Such a simple way to transform a room and you just peel & stick these ones.

>> You can find this particular Minons Wall Sticker Here!

Minions Giant Plush Toy

minions giant plush

This Minions giant Stuart plush toy is 16 inches long!  

If you’re going all out with a Minions theme, adding a few Minions toys around the room – or on the bed – would be a lovely idea.

If you push Stuarts left hand, he also talks!  

His eye also lights up and glows when he sings or talks.

There are different Minions available also, so you can pick your child’s favourite.

>> Minions Giant Plush Toy Here!

Minions Activity Desk

minions activity desk

If you have some really little guys, who enjoy their arts and crafts – this activity desk would be ideal.

The top of the desk lifts up and creates some storage space.

The desk also comes with stickers, crayons and colouring sheets.

>> Click Here For Minions Activity Desk.

Minions Toothpaste Dispenser

minions toothpaste dispenser

Now, your child may or may not have their own bathroom, (I know I didn’t growing up!).

BUT I just had to include this, because it looks hilarious.

This little guy may be a way to make brushing teeth more fun – those kids who moan about having to brush their teeth.

>> Minions Toothpaste Dispenser Here!

That concludes my post for today – I hope you now have plenty of ideas now to get started on your Minions themed bedroom.

But I thought I’d leave you with a trailer for the Despicable Me 3 film – that comes out later this year! 

I know we’ll be seeing it – how about you?

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All the best,


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  1. As a person who is not very creative. This is pretty cool. So simple I can see myself doing some serious decorating with these type of items.

    As a person passionate about children and the atmosphere in which they grow. This is awesome because children should have mental , imagination and fun stimuli for their developing brains.
    I think this would help them. Do you feel the same?

    1. hey there,

      yes it would be very simple to achieve. Certainly, helping kids expand and develop their imagination is only going to be beneficial 🙂 Thanks for your comment and pleased you liked the Minions bedroom ideas. 🙂 Nat

  2. My sister loves the minions, I’m sure she would love some of these nice bedroom decorations. I think she would love the mattress especially! The minions always remind me of this so I had to check your post out.

    Now that I’ve seen the numerous products out there for despicable me from a recliner to a tooth paste dispenser I wonder what else it out there or what they’ll think of next. Maybe I’ll talk my sister into decorating her children’s rooms like this if and when she has children!

    I’ll even share this post with her right now!

    1. Hey there, thanks for your comments –

      who knows what they’ll think of next lol. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate that.

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